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Seismic Petrophysics And Rock Properties Catalogs

QIP has several Seismic Petrophysics & Rock Property Catalog offerings(SPARC)available for 2012. They include a combination of completed off the shelf catalogs as well as a call for participants for new catalogs. QIP will also take orders for any customized catalog not listed below so as to meet your exploration and production needs. 

Please review the following information and if you have an interest in any of these catalogs, or desire your own customized version to meet you specific needs, please contact.  We are also available to create custom made-to-order catalog to fit your current and future exploration needs, be it North America or Globally.

Catalog List:

GoM Ultra Deep 20©

QI Petrophysics, LLC announces its Ultra Deep Seismic Petrophysics and Rock Properties Catalog for 20 significant discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico - GoM Ultra Deep 20©.  This 20 well package is made up of 15 oil and 5 gas ultra deep water GoM wells.  The package includes full Seismic Petrophysical Analysis, Rock Properties Characterization, Forward Rock Physics Modeling, and AVO analysis.  

Deliverables include LAS Files for Each Well Available for Full Offset Synthetics of In Situ,  as well as Fluid Substitution Cases, PowerPoint that outlines all interpretations, methodologies, and results, as well as an interactive Poisson's Ratio and Acoustic Impedance GUI developed based on that well data can be used to evaluate and define AVO Response at any given shall sand interface.  

This product was developed and interpreted by Dr. Matthew Carr, P.G.

Additional Information Downloads:


Call For SPARC Package Participants

QIP is requesting participants for the creation of several SPARC Packages for various identified Unconventional plays. When it comes to evaluating Unconventional resources, the rocks matter. QIP is a global leader in rock properties services.

 How it works: 

  • Each SPARC Package will include a minimum of 5 participating companies
  • Each company will identify and pay for 10 wells at a rate of $5,000 per well.
  • Each participating company will receive a minimum SPARC Package consisting of 50 wells for the given play(a $250,000 value for just $50,000!) 
  • An in-depth presentation will be given by Dr. Matthew Carr which will cover all aspects of the SPARC Package.
  • A special discounted rate will be availbale for any desired additional petrophysical consulting related to the SPARC Package.
Proposed SPARC Package Locations 

QIP and Several of its customers have proposed SPARC Packages for:

  • Niobrara
  • Marcellus
  • Bakken
  • Eagleford
If you are interested in being involved in one or more of these SPARC Packages, or in another area not listed, please contact us at US +1 832-426-2439 or by email at info@qipetrophysics.com.

Dr. Matthew Carr is also available "pre-sell" to present asummaryof the contents and benefits to our SPARC Packageto your team. Contact us for details.


QIP will soon present Two New Conventional Reservoir SPARC:

South Texas & South Louisiana 

Keep checking back for nonavailability updates!

For more information on our catalogs, including greater details on deliverables, cost, etc. please contact us at (832) 426-2439 or by email at catalogs@qipetrophysics.com.  We are also willing to present a catalog overview to you and your team in your office* in a Lunch-and-Learn format.  

*Contact us for details. 

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